To Monitoring Road Conditions in Moscow Region There will Start to Use the Mobile Complexes ParkRight ANPR and Photo-Video Recording

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  • 23 декабря 2013

First patrol cars equipped with ParkRight mobile complexes (designed to identify and record the violations of traffic rules) will appear at the streets of Moscow region cities. 

Recognition Technologies supplied the batch of mobile “on board” ANPR and photo-video recording complexes with real time data transmission, which are used to register the violations of parking rules. The customer of these 17 systems «Parkright» became the Road Safety Centre of Moscow region.

Each patrol car, equipped with one of these new complexes, will inspecte separate individual route of Moscow Area. Patrol zones will be selected among the most problematic areas of highways adjacent to Moscow. This will help to achieve the maximum benefit from the ParkRight work, i.e. it will improve the traffic on narrow parts of roads and speed up the total movement of vehicles. Hardware-software ANPR complex Parkright fully corresponds to the tasks set, it allows the video fixation parking violations, to control the passage of the strip of public transport, and also carries out checks on vehicles according to investigation databases. ParkRight performs the identification of registration plates automatically, all the data received during patrolling is transmitted in real time to the Data Processing and Storage Centre.

A month ago, the Traffic management center of Moscow Government bought 210 units of ParkRightANPR and photo-video recording complexes, and now it gradually puts them into operation. The full group of this mobile system on the roads of the Moscow now consists of 310 units. The effect of their use gives positive statistics — the traffic flow capacity increased by 10%, and the number of parking violations reduced by 64%!

More information about the mobile ParkRight complexes ANPR and photo-video recording can be found online at

About Recognition Technologies:

Recognition Technologies is the leading Russian developer of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and video monitoring systems. The main product of the company is AvtoUragan automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and video recording complex, which is recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient solutions in its class. Due to its unique characteristics, AvtoUragan ANPR and video recording complex is widely used to control the traffic on highways and intersections throughout Russia, in all climatic zones. Among the customers of Recognition Technologies are services and departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, state agencies, and system integrators. Numerous foreign partners of Recognition Technologies actively use video monitoring solutions based on AvtoUragan ANPR and video recording complex.

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